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Cecelia's Stories

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September 29, 2008


Update on construction at Casa Calypso and new floor at Punta Coral


Dear Dad,


Last Friday, David and I went to Puntarenas to see the advances made on the house and also the construction of a new ramp on the dock.  New ramp, you say, yes another unexpected and very costly boarding ramp.  The old one bent when boarding a group.  Bent like a pretzel too.  Luckily no-one was tossed into the muck of the estero/estuary. While waiting for the new ramp to be constructed, we boarded the passengers one by one.

In the meantime, while David was in Florida, I worked with the young man, a father of two at 19 years old, on doing part of the garden.

David and I purchased new colbolt blue planters for the area near the dock.  I had dirt and palms sent in from Punta Coral to plant into each new planter.

I explained clearly that each planter had to have a little bit of rock (we had a lot of left over construction gravel) on the bottom and then dirt and then the palm.  I must have told him no less that 5 times how to do this.

I also told him to pick up some polished white rocks that were in a corner of the garden and wash them and set them aside.  Once the rocks were taken out, he was supposed to remove about 10 inches of the sandy-dirt that has been poisoned with cement ( due to the construction) and put instead the new dirt that was sent from Punta Coral and then plant some Horsetail Ferns in the area.

I not only gave him these instructions, but had Delfina, the woman in charge of the kitchen in Casa Calypso, repeat my instructions to him. David told me that maybe the kid didn’t understand 10 inches (we use the metric system here) and to tell him 30 centameters.  This I did.  Jetson (the kid) assured me that he understood and had removed the rocks, washed them and had taken out 5 wheel barrels full of old icky dirt and replaced it with the new dirt from Punta Coral and planted all the ferns.

On the way to Puntarenas, David and I stopped at the plant nursery or vivero and bought two Red Ginger plants to put alongside the palms that I had told the kid to plant in two beige pots on the front porch.

Well……………………the kid mixed the dirt with the rocks and never took out the polished white rock or the old dirt, but just put the new dirt on the top.  What really got to me was that when I asked him, point blank –to his face- he told me he had followed my instructions to the letter. 

I got angry and told him that I was upset and that I was testing him to see if he could take on more responsibility and therefore make more money for his growing family.  That he was not a kid and longer but needed to grow up and be a responsible adult now that he had a wife and two young children – babies really.  I told him to leave my sight that I didn’t want to see his face.

I was angry, it was hot and I was extremely disappointed.

 I planted some ferns that I found in a bucket of water and this is how I discovered that Jetson had mixed the dirt and rocks together.  Today, Leonal, our ex-gardener at the old Casa Calypso who is now a crew member, is fixing the mess.  Drenched in sweat and exhausted, after an hour of digging and planting, David and I returned to San Jose.


We didn’t go to Punta Coral this weekend as we were supposed to because the carpenter there is sanding the old Cristobol wood we removed from the floor of the  new Casa Calypso and placing it on the floor of the casona or big house at Punta Coral.  When finished, we will no longer have to look at an ugly plywood floor but will have a beautiful wooden parquet floor with the gorgeous red Cristobol wood.

The carpenter and workers had to remove all the storage cabinets upstairs to do this and are also painting the inside of our captains’ bed ( bed with drawers underneath), the parts made from plywood, with a protector against termites.  

I was not ready to stay in the house with all the construction going on and besides we have been having incredible rains this season, probably due to all the hurricanes in the Caribbean. I also wanted to go back home and watch the presidential candidate debates and spend a quite weekend at home – resting.


This weekend I decided to tackle Bryan’s bedroom and clear out all the clutter.  His room was full of computer equipment and his business stuff and really a disaster.

Since I had made room on the shelves in the computer room, I knew that I could remove almost everything but his bed and a desk from his room to make it neater and cleaner. 

Bryan has had trouble sleeping in his room for a long time.  I was going after a Feng Shui cure – clean and no clutter and nothing electronic that would interfere with his sleeping.

I did it alone and it took all day, but the result is just what I was looking for.  Bryan won’t admit it, but he is sleeping better and best of all, when he does get up he is noticeably more pleasant since his sleeping is more restive. 

Sunday, Celiece and Marlon game over and we watched HGTV – Celiece’s favorite program about redoing and repairing and redecorating homes and later a movie and a nice dinner together.  It was a perfect Sunday.


This week Manta Raya is on vacation.  What does that mean?  Well, she is going into dry dock to have her bottom painter and some minor repairs to get ready for high season that starts in November. 

All Calypso employees who have not taken vacations yet this year are doing so now.

The office is quiet and today is payroll.  I am waiting for the checks to sign and then I am going out to look for two new bedside tables for Bryan’s room. He has two square tables and should have two round tables instead. 

In a bedroom there should be no square corners pointing towards the bed because the act as poison arrows.  Night table corners point to the bed and this could be another reason why Bryan has had difficulty sleeping.

Since I have been studying Feng Shui for a few years now, I understand more the causes for some problems and have been learning how to correct them.  Once understood, most of the changes or reasons for changes make sense. 

We had a nice sunny morning and now it is raining again. All the dirt in the yard is saturated. The driveway is growing moss and is slippery.

 A worker had been making repairs on roofing and gutters on the roof of our office in San Jose.  He had returned more times than I can remember and everyone was hoping the job was complete and the leaks stopped.  Much to the disappointment of all, there are two new leaks today.

I am sure that all this unusual rainy weather is a sign that we are in for a really hot summer.  I prefer the cooler weather and really the rain doesn’t bother me unless I am outside and caught in an unexpected rain shower.

The plants are growing at an accelerated rate.  The gardener has not been at the house for a few weeks and there are weeds everywhere plus the lawn is four inches long.  He said the reason he has not been at the house is because his grass cutter is broken. L  I really love having the yard neat.


We are getting lots of reservations for the high season.  This is a good thing.

With all the news coming out of the US and problems with banks failing, insurance companies in trouble and the Wall Street nightmare, we are all wondering what effect it will have on us and tourism here.  So far so good.


I am leaving early to take Boomer and Junior to the vet.  I tried to do so this morning; but Junior escaped.  Both have either a fungus or have scratched the fur off because of scratching and they both have been scratching a lot even after I put on the expensive flea medicine. I need a special cat collar to keep Junior from licking her sore spot. I am making my Vet a rich man with all the visits to his office with my cats.


I think I need a vacation. Going to Punta Coral this weekend will do the trick.  Every time I am there I can forget the unending ¨fires¨  I put out at work and at home. 

I work hard to keep everything going but sometimes it overwhelms me.

Home, office, Casa Calypso, Punta Coral and Manta Raya all demand attention and sometimes more than I have time to give in any one day. 

It is a challenge and I love my job, but sometimes, even Superwoman needs a break.


David and I have been watching with great interest all that is going on in the news.  It is amazing, shocking and almost unbelievable to watch.  The collapse of giant corporations and banks is shocking especially when we see that the bail out is only going to cost taxpayers more money.

What a world we live in where money seems to be the driving force behind

risky decisions and poor judgment or can it all be greed.

It is about time that those who have taken more than there share and left the rest of us to clean up their mess are having to make amends and are called to judgment.  It certainly makes for good entertainment on TV almost like a really bad B movie until you remember what is at stake.

Somehow the United States will pull through.  I want to believe this and need to believe this.  It is important that we accept that change is coming and everyone agree that working together is the only way we help the planet Earth recover from the pollution that is effecting us all and find lasting peace on Earth. 


This is the news for the week.  I hope you are comfortable and thinking about me because I am thinking about you.

I love and miss you.


Besitos,  Cecs

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