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Cecelia's Stories

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December 8, 2008

Friends leaving and getting my car back, finally a sunny day, on way to see Celiece

Dear Dad,

Today the sky is blue and it is warmer than it has been in weeks. It is a little windy and this is normal for this time of the year.

Today is the last day of Marty and David’s vacation. They are leaving early tomorrow.

We didn’t get to show them as many sights as we would have liked because the weather has been awful with lots of rain, low clouds and cold. Also David was sick with bronchitis for most of the time here.

We were finally able to send them to a hotel in Arenal for two nights. It was a long bus ride but at least they got to see something besides the Calypso offices and our house.

We are busy here. The two new catamarans that were built to go into competition with us are finally finished. I told you about the one that had a disaster tour with invited travel agents. They changed the name of the catamaran; but no-one will use them.

The other catamaran is also finally in the water. It has taken two years to build. It looks nice- more like a house boat – and they have not taken out any tour yet or even done any sea trials. Our Captain tells us that it sits very low in the water and still has not filled the fuel tanks, water tanks, the deck pool 
(yes, they copied us) or put any passengers on deck. So far, the word is that

there was a mistake with the weight calculations. We will have to wait and see what they do now. A new boat will be a new attraction in the industry and we are just going to have to work harder.

I remembered what I had forgotten to write in my last letter. At Punta Coral there are five small thatched umbrellas that sit in the sand on our artificial beaches that give shade for the beach lounge chairs. Well, during all the rain we have been having, one of the tops of the umbrellas or the part with the thatch has fallen to the ground.

This doesn’t sound like a big fix except that getting new thatch is very difficult. It comes from a special palm and has to be cut during the new moon phase and then transported and cut or split down the middle and put onto the skeleton of the umbrella.

Since we have a really great carpenter now at Punta Coral, he and the other two workers were able to prop it up and are trying to put it back together.
The other four umbrellas will have to be repaired before they fall down too.

The other news is that Delfina’s son was taken for emergency surgery for a burst appendix. He had been mis diagnosed for two days with pain in his side that the hospital told him was a blocked colon and then finally the appendix burst.

He was in intensive care for two weeks and finally went home. After a week at home he was back in the hospital for more surgery after they found an infection.

The neighbor’s dog is still barking. It starts in the early morning and the poor animal, or should say unhappy animal, barks the rest of the day and into the evening. What I can’t understand is why the dog isn’t hoarse with laryngitis.

I have a big smile on my face. Can you see it? I just called the mechanic shop to ask about my car and talked to the secretary who told me, all in Spanish of course, that my car is being put back together now and I should have it in a few days.

I am sure that my call to the former owner of my car, who recommended the mechanic and his shop to us when we bought it, called over there and gave them a good talking to. Whatever happened, I am very excited to be once again driving my car. I hope I remember how. They do say it is like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget. I hope so.

More news. Edgar, who works at Punta Coral is leaving. David gave him a kayak to use to get him to and from work. Edgar left it in the forest instead at the house of a friend as he told us he was going to do. Well, of course when he went to get it, the kayak and life jacket and paddle were gone.

Edgar has been working for years and is an alcoholic with a hernia he refuses to get treatment for. He always misses a day or two when he gets paid and now after losing the equipment through carelessness we have decided it is time for him to go.

David and I always believe in giving our employees more than a chance, we give them lots of chances, but enough is enough. Now we have a new guy, younger and able to work and with the other crew we have at Punta Coral the work is going faster and faster and everyone is happy; including me and David.

It is after 4:00pm in the afternoon. We finally found Celiece and we are on our way up to her house now for dinner and a sunset and lots of desserts. We gave Celiece a big Hamilton Beech Cake Mixer for Christmas (I also gave her me cookie cutters including a well used Gingerbread Man) and she baked all day yesterday and now it is time to go and eat what she baked. Oh my hips.

Dinner with Celiece and Marlon was a big success. When we arrived at almost sunset we discovered they had no electricity, but Marlon had placed tiny votive candles everywhere. Marlon prepared bocas (hors d’oeuvres) and Celiece gave Marty and David (Marty’s husband) the grand tour. Both cats and dogs greeted us too.

After an hour the lights came back on and we had a lovely dinner. It was Marty and David’s last night in Costa Rica – a farewell dinner.

Early – really early- on Tuesday, Julio – the man we use for private transportation – rang the outside bell and after tearful hugs and kisses, we said goodbye to our friends and they headed for the airport. Since we had been out so late the night before, David and I went back to sleep. Oh, the luxury of owning your own business.

I quickly changed the sheets on the bed in the guest room and put out clean towels and finally got ready to leave for the office.

The morning passed quickly and soon David was off to the airport to pick up his brother Dewey. The guest room is full again.

Dewey will be here for a week. We are rebuilding our internet sites using his genius and the three men who work in the computer department.

Since Dewey won three Emmys, yes three Emmys, for his work in the technology part of computers, he is sot after and we are building up a design business here. It is a long involved process, but promises to be a great income center for David and me, another source of income.

You are probably wondering what our part will be. We will be the administrative part and just watch the new development and oversee the company here while Dewey (David’s brother) gets clients in the US where he lives. The computer world is technology that moves at light speed, always changing and innovative with new inventions and ideas for new projects.

I forgot to tell you that finally the work on the road going up the hill to our house is finished. Gone are the huge rocks, long deep trenches and holes and piles of rock gravel and sand. Gone also are the big dump trucks and the steam roller. Instead, now we have a paved road that hopefully will stay that way.


We are busy. Dewey is here working with the computer guys- the geeks.

We have been discussing on making our web sites better too as well as new t-shirt designs. In other words we have been talking non stop since Dewey got here.

Celiece and Marlon just left the office. Celiece cleaned out the two desks for the guys in reservations and threw out a big bag of stuff. I didn’t want to look and see what it was. Celiece lives for this kind of stuff and goes a little crazy when she gets to our house too. She loves putting order in what she considers chaos and now I can’t find anything.

We were at lunch when she got here and she waited to give us the latest news about her cats. One cat, Zach had been wearing a halter because he always got out of his regular collar that Celiece put on that had a bell on it to warn the birds he was hunting that there is a cat on the prowl.

This morning she woke to find that Zack had managed to get the strap up to his mouth and cut both sides trying to get out of the harness.

Celiece called her vet to see what kind of medicine she needed to put on the cat and gave a list of medications she has in her medicine cabinet. The vet told her that she has more medications than he does.

In the meantime, the other cat – Trigger – jealous of all the attention and oooing and aawing that Zack was getting threw up three mice on her rug.
The rug just got back from the cleaners too. Aren’t cats fun?

Celiece and Marlon just left to go and deliver a pair of binoculars in Tarcoles. They are the representative here for Vortex binoculars and have been selling them like crazy.

We have been enjoying having Celiece around. She has been out of work for two months and won’t be going out on a tour until the day after Christmas. She is a lot of fun and supercharges the office with her high energy.

We saw on the news today that there is snow on the roof tops of the houses in New Orleans. Now, that is a first.

The weird weather there brings cold weather here and the need to wear sweaters. The report for the weekend is more cold weather. We will be at Punta Coral playing croquet. J

Yesterday while I was working on my computer I got a warning and then a virus or a worm. What does this mean? Well…………… means that something got into reserve of my computer and could have erased everything. Luckily we have an office full of computer geeks and they came and saved all the stored information, cleaned the computer system and got rid of the virus. Whew!!!

It is time to go home. I have had a really big week with lots of activity and lots of meetings. It will be nice to curl up on the couch with a cat or two and watch some dumb show on TV.

I miss you and love you.

Besitos, Cecs

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